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“The kids are the ones who say what is good and what is not and that’s where they Fawk up at because they let other people subliminally put Shyte in their heads.”

As reported earlier, Wacka Flocka Flame made the statement that lyrics weren’t important and even clowned lyrical rappers saying that they weren’t getting any money.

Most chose to laugh at such words as many laugh at the name Wacka Flocka, but Method Man looked to weigh in a little more on the subject and provide input while alongside Ghostface Killah and Raekwon.

With 3 members of the Wu Tang in full effect, Mef broke down things very simply for Flame and let him be aware his career in the long run.

“It’s all good.  He has the right to his own muthaFawking opinion.  Let him feel that way, but the people that are in the know, that know what time it is, know that if you ain’t saying Shyte out your mouth, then your time is very slim in this muthaFawkin game.”

While not looking to diss all rappers from the South, the rapper added the fact that it has created the lane for simplicity and allowed anybody to jump in the game and call themselves a rapper.

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