Method Man, one of the standout members of the Wu-Tang Clan, explains why he isn't on the crew's NY State Of Mind Tour.


Method Man Apologizes To Beyoncé & Destiny's Child For Calling them Hollywood And Brushing Them Off In 2004.


Method Man Reveals He Was Gonna "Snuff" Joe Budden At The Height of Their Beef But They talked It Out And He Didn't

The Wire At 20 will focus on the iconic police and crime drama The Wire with series alum Method Man serving as the podcast's host.

Method Man is lighting up television screens with Power Book II: Ghost performance, but he reminded us he still has bars and flexes his lyrical muscle on the new track for Evil Dead: The Game.

However, some Internet dweeb felt a way about M-E-T-H-O-D Man getting love from his adoring fans and photoshopped an image of his which prompted the Wu-Tang Clan star to call the person out.

Ownership continues to be top priority for our culture and Method Man is showing he received the memo. He has launched a new production company and his first project is How High 3.

Method Man and Redman's 4/20 VERZUZ event would have been perfect if they didn't decide to give this one particular person a call.

In a recent interview, the veteran media personality shared details of a one night stand she had with one of the most notable rappers in the world in Method Man.


In the latest podcast episode of Spotify's Jemele Hill Is Unbothered, the Ticalian Stallion opens up about his life's work from the 90's up to this point including his role on Power Book II, his new podcast about the Marvel Cinematic Universe (the man has been lobbying to play Bishop in X-Men), and of course, the legacy of the legendary Wu-Tang Clan.

Even though Method Man is generally liked and respected throughout the globe his celebrity will not always save him. He now reveals how being on Shaolin time cost him a bag.

In a new Power Book II: Ghost episode, M-E-T-H-O-D MAN has thirsty Twitter unified in lust after appearing in a sex scene of the Wu-Tang Clan swordsman in nothing but his boxer shorts.