Trayon Martin

Trayvon Martin was still alive after being fatally shot by George Zimmerman last February. In graphic testimony Friday (July 5), Dr. Shiping Bao —the assistant medical examiner who performed the autopsy– confirmed that the teen was unable to move once hit; directly disputing his accused killer’s recount that Martin uttered words of surrender, after being […]

When George Zimmerman goes to trial for the shooting death of Trayvon Martin, a key component will no longer be at the forefront of his defense. Zimmerman appeared in a Florida courtroom Tuesday (April 30), where he waved his right to a “stand your ground” hearing.

A Florida judge revoked George Zimmerman’s bail Friday (June 1), after prosecutors filed a motion to have him  thrown back in jail. According to reports, Zimmerman’s wife lied at about being aware of the financial support he received from a website created before he turned himself in to face second-degree murder charges, in the shooting death of Trayvon Martin.

In the 20 years since he was brutally beaten by LAPD officers, Rodney King has experienced tons of hardships. From financial issues, to battling addiction, the 47-year-old has done it all, and even after his stint on Celebrity Rehab and being busted for a DUI last year, he admits to still drinking.  “I still sip, […]