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Trayvon Martin was still alive after being fatally shot by George Zimmerman last February. In graphic testimony Friday (July 5), Dr. Shiping Bao —the assistant medical examiner who performed the autopsy– confirmed that the teen was unable to move once hit; directly disputing his accused killer’s recount that Martin uttered words of surrender, after being shot.

The 29-year-old claims Martin said something to the effect of “okay, you got it,” when his alleged battle with Zimmerman ended. Bao says Martin had blood on the back of his hoodie, and none on his hands, indicating inaccuracies in the tussle recounted by the former neighborhood watch captain. Bao said the 17-year-old suffered for as long as 10 minutes, before passing away.

Other testimony from the day came from the Florida high school student’s mother, Sybrina Fulton, and his brother, Jarvhis Fulton. Prosecutor Bernie de La Rienda played the 911 call with screams believed to be either be Martin or Zimmerman. When asked of whose voice she heard on the recording, Sybrina responded, “Trayvon Benjamin Martin.”

Martin’s brother, Jarvhis, replied the same, but defense attorney Mike O’Mara questioned why his story changed since last year. “I didn’t want to believe it was him,” Jarvhis said.

Jurors were shown images of Martin’s body, some of which were too graphic for Sybrina who left the room.

Bao’s testimony was critical in poking holes in Zimmerman’s argument that he shot in self-defense, and follows testimony earlier in the week, from another doctor who concluded that Zimmerman’s injured were not life-threatneing.

The defense team is currently cross-examining the doctor,  view the live stream below.

Photo: Florida Today