O.J. Simpson became a top trending topic on Twitter after this past Sunday Fox aired an unreleased interview of the former football star essentially confessing to the murders of Nicole Brown Simpson and Ron Goldman. The chilling interview, while framed as a speculative view of the fateful 1995 incident, has kicked off mounds of discussion […]

Bruno Mars is one of a long line of musicians who have taken the styles of old and brought them to a modern audience to much fanfare and recognition within the industry. However, it appears that the Hawaiian pop star’s fame and good fortune is a point of contention for folks on Twitter and an […]

Remember when curve model Tabria Majors put out the call to the 200-plus pound beauties to flaunt their figures? Well, that good energy is back on Twitter timelines today with the rise of the #200PlusClub hashtag and we’re all the better for it.

Black Panther is here, and the long-awaited film has already passed the test for the lucky few who’ve seen the film ahead of its wide release on Thursday (Feb. 15). This morning (Feb. 16) on Twitter, the fictional nation of Wakanda became a national trending topic heaping praise upon the Marvel vehicle.

Black Panther is more than just a movie, it is turning into a global event. The anticipation surrounding the upcoming Marvel film has inspired many fans already just from the trailers and early reviews alone, and a new hashtag, #WhatBlackPantherMeansToMe, began trending on Twitter Tuesday (Jan. 6) morning with those same fans sharing their thoughts.

Black Twitter is keeping busy this week, just in time for Black History Month. The witty social media collective has made yet another clever hashtag in #MillennialNegroSpirituals, which has been taking off all day.

On the eve of Black History Month, Black Twitter has once again proven that they are an unstoppable force with the wit and jokes when it comes to a hot trending topic. The hashtag #TweetLikeThe1600s was sparked at some point on Tuesday (Jan. 30) and is still going strong today although not everyone is finding […]

[UPDATE BELOW] Laura Govan‘s name began trending Saturday morning (12/30) after it appears that Tamar Braxton spilled the tea in saying her estranged husband Vincent Herbert has been dipping his pool stick elsewhere. According to the singer, Govan is pregnant by Herbert and Twitter has been on fire since it came out.

Durags, the hair accessory that found prominence in the late ’90’s and early 2000’s, became a hot trending topic on Twitter after a young woman posted a line of high-end durags. A number of Twitter clowned the $45 price point of the colorful headwraps, although some folks are pushing back on the jokes and saying […]

Cyntoia Brown's name trended online after Rihanna tweeted support for the woman, who was arrested in 2004 for killing a john to escape prostitution.

The legendary Aretha Franklin is a top trending topic today after unconfirmed reports of her health began to spark chatter on social media.

On Twitter this weekend, the topic #TakeAKnee began trending nationally in response to President Donald Trump's Friday jab at Colin Kaepernick.