Last night, Meek Mill won the Internet. It came at the expense of Drake amidst thanks to from the Philadelphia rapper that Drizzy employs a ghostwriter. 

Kimberly “Sweet Brown” Wilkins, Charles Ramsey and Antoine Dodson, meet Courtney Barnes. Your new successor in instafame news interviews.

The latest Kardashian woman to break the Internet is the woman the public would have least have expected to.

Even with her status and wealth, it’s hard to consider Kylie Jenner a role model because she’s just a teen herself. Nevertheless, a new trend on social media called the #KylieJennerChallenge has swarms of brainless girls (and even some boys too) damaging their lips trying to get their mouths identical to the youngest Keeping Up […]

Beats By Dre Dr. Dre’s headphones have unofficially become the universal language for music. Notice how the logo simulates a person wearing the ubiquitous brand.

While out in Paris premiering new music and such, Kanye West got caught up in the rap spirit, and busted a move, this side of Chuck Brown. Yeezy was performing his classic 808s & Heartbreak number, “Say You Will,” with producer Mike Dean on the guitar as he broke out into a faux robot, pop-lock […]

Twitter is a daily breeding crowd for comedy and buffoonery alike, but sometimes, people can band together and actually lift one another up.

Memes get created everyday but few go on to become a viral sensation.

The news of Peter Parker aligning his web-slinging talents with the rest of currently hot Marvel movie characters has understandably made comic book fans lose their marbles.

Jimmy Fallon has been on a nostalgic hot streak since his viral-inducing show has been vacationing in Los Angeles for the 2015 Grammys. After making good on reliving The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air opener, the comedian ups the ante and put together a long-awaited Saved By The Bell reunion.

Twitter and its inhabitants never fail on offering up new ways to combat the boredom monster. Thanks to AfterFFriday, an outlet dedicated to give followers weekly hashtag games, the trending topic #RejectedTVShowNames has sprouted plenty of hilarious results.

Comedy Central’s online hashtag game, Midnight, likes to dabble into the realm of Hip-Hop on occasion. For last night’s Twitter takeover, they committed a Mortal Kombat babality on the game by getting all their fans to turn well-known rappers into infants with #BabyRappers memes.