Flordia State quarterback Jameis Winston is no stranger to stupidity or becoming a meme mule.

If you’re a Snowman enthusiast, today, September 2 just happens to be a new national holiday for you as Jeezy’s fifth studio album, Seen it All has hit the fan.

The power of Twitter users banding together has proven to be an immense force on numerous occasions, and once again, a particular group is uses their collective voices to attempt a cause come into fruition. Albeit this time, they may have their work cut out for them.

If you’re anything like this writer, the sheer wonderment of why a name as racially specific as “Daquan” was trending on Twitter was enough to look into the latest meme craze. What followed was something more ridiculous than anyone could imagine.

In case you didn’t know so, it’s so cold in the D and it’s never heating up.

Olympic hopeful Shaun White bid to make history was thwarted with his fourth place showing in the halfpipe. With his failure broadcast in real time around the world, the trend #IfIWasWhite began proliferating around Twitter and quickly descended into madness.

It’s not every day that Hip-Hop Wired gets involved in trending topics, but the #UnansweredHipHopQuestions posts were just too good to pass up. All day tweeters  have been posting inquiries about Hip-Hop that have been boggling the mind for years. From questions about 50 Cent, Rick Ross,  Bun B to even little Willow Smith (okay, […]