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Chris Brown could use a friend, unfortunately the only person that he thinks he can relate to has been dead for 15 years. After deleting his Twitter account and having to deal with more negative headlines rehashing his assault on Rihanna, Brown went on Instagram to unleash his feelings.

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Religion has played a part in Hip-Hop since its halcyon days, but that doesn’t mean the relationship between rap music and God-fearing folk has always been on the up and up. Sure secular rap artists have released a number of semi-church friendly tracks like Kanye West’s “Jesus Walks,” Common’s “Faithful” and MC Hammer’s “Pray,” but more […]

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Hip-Hop has seen its share of rapper deaths over the years, from Scott La Rock to Slim Dunkin.’ No matter how many times it happens, it always comes as a shock, even if the rapper or Hip-Hop personality is living that hella reckless Y.O.L.O. life. But it’s the senseless rap killings that go unsolved that […]


Tupac Shakur was more than just a rapper, he was a movement. Born Tupac Amaru Shakur, in East Harlem, he would go on to become a staple on the West Coast rap scene. As a child, Pac was pre-disposed to a sociopolitical mindset as the son of active members in the Black Panther Party. Throughout […]

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For those of you wishing to see another appearance from another deceased performer by way of hologram  may have to wait quite a while to see that again.  Digital Domain Media Group, who made headlines this year when they created a hologram for the late Tupac Shakur that “performed” at the Coachella music festival this spring, […]

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Back in the day at the 1994 Source Awards, Tupac allegedly dissed A Tribe Called Quest, and the beef was on. The urban legend is that ATCQ, who are members of the Zulu Nation, were ready to step to the late rapper after he infamously cut off their acceptance speech for the Artist Of The […]

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No matter how much shat they talk on records about their knuckle game or hot temper, when a rapper puts them paws on somebody it’s always a WTF moment. That’s because rappers are unpredictable creatures. Blame it partially on their(alleged) past street lives, hectic schedules, loony work hours coke habits and the everyday ups and downs […]


Willow Smith is going through the motions. The tween star is known to make some interesting moves (like allegedly getting a “tongue ring”), and her latest feat involves Tupac Amaru Shakur. Smith penned a letter to Pac telling him that she is well aware that he’s still alive—and not in hologram form. The youngster made the […]


Had they not tragically died within months of one another, Tupac and Biggie would have reconciled, according to Lil’ Cease. In an interview with, Cease explained that both men would have eventually squashed their beef.

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When it comes to the state of Hip-Hop, Wood Harris wants that old thing back. Best known for his role on The Wire, Harris is not only a loyal fan of the culture, but also pursued a music career. In an interview with Global Grind, the Chicago native spoke on Tupac’s influence, and blasted some […]

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In case the apology tweets weren’t enough, Saigon comes through with a visual explaining the whole ordeal once again. The only difference this time is the rapper also debuts a new single. You got to love and appreciate the struggle tactics displayed. The Yardfather takes time to flash his passport and establlish the fact that he’s in Germany, hence the […]

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Famed producer and engineer, Mike Dean, talks to Quiet Lunch about the G.O.O.D. Music compilation album Cruel Summer, as well as the sequel to Watch The Throne.  Also as required listening for you young bucks, Mr. Dean talks about making Scarface and Tupac on “Smile.”