XV has been hard at work for the past couple of months. After dropping his mixtape Popular Culture, he followed up strong with his Awesome! EP which is available now. “Swervin,” is a track off of his new EP and it features fast cars, fast drugs and faster women. The video is pretty crisp so do yourself a favor […]

The homie XV has been on fire recently since dropping his new mixtape Popular Culture. The Kansas native recently ran by The Source‘s offices and talked about a subject near and dear to your boy’s heart: rap and wrestling. Drawing a lot from this story, XV sees plenty of comparisons in today’s hip-hop scene and […]

After dropping a gang of stellar cuts, XV is ready to put out his latest release, Popular Culture. The “Awesome” MC gets big helping hands from B.o.B, Schoolboy Q, Emilio Rojas, Slim The Mobster and more and is all in anticipation of his new EP, Awesome under Warner Music Group. Featuring takes on some of […]

XV sure knows how to get on this wrestling nerd’s good side. Check out his second old school WWF-inspired freestyle of the week with “Tapping Out,” featuring the excellence of  execution, Bret Hart on the artwork. This time XV takes on Ca$h Out’s jingle. 

The homeboy Vizzy pays homage to his hometown and legendary pro wrestler “Stone Cold” Steve Austin over Kendrick Lamar‘s smooth single. Rap and wrestling, that’s the s**t I do like. Hit the jump to listen and download.