The Stormy Daniels affair isn’t going away anytime soon for President Donald Trump, and results from a 2011 polygraph test going public will only egg on the chatter. The adult film starlet’s test results were obtained by the Wall Street Journal and published today, confirming that she did indeed have unprotected sex with the former […]

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After a week of backlash stemming from a leaked recording where he made unfavorable comments about voters, Mitt Romney has seen a slight drop in the polls. The Republican nominee is behind the president by five percent in a Reuters/Lpsos poll. As it stands the commander in chief is ahead by 48 percent to Romney’s […]

Rush Limbaugh’s brash statements are raising eyebrows once again, as the conservative shock jock airs out another angry tirade about President Obama. The radio show host, who mind you said he was leaving if healthcare reform passed, has written an editorial piece for The Wall Street Journal criticizing The President and one of his predecessors, […]