White castle


The new menu items will be available until February 19 so you'll definitely be able to take your significant other to White Castle on Valentine's Day to chow down on Fat Joe's sliders because nothing says love like rapper themed fast food.

The Wu-Tang Clan turned heads in recent weeks after linking up with the White Castle fast food burger chain to promote the vegan Impossible Burger slider. Now, the Shaolin Swordsmen are connecting with the Impossible Foods and White Castle for a four-part series.

For nearly 100 years, White Castle has been one of those fast food chains that people either love, hate, or tolerate when it’s time to feed the munchies. Wu-Tang Clan’s The RZA has teamed up with White Castle to promote its veggie burger slider in a most unique way, continuing a long-running partnership of sorts […]

The amount of struggle in this story is so epic that it probably is true. Two Brooklyn men are suing the NYPD because they were allegedly arrested for refusing to hand over their White Castle burgers to cops.