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Fat Joe x White Castle

Source: White Castle / White Castle

Fat Joe has been in the rap game for decades now and while he’s proudly celebrated his plus sized figure since day one, no fast food joint has ever thought to collaborate with the Hip-Hop heavyweight throughout his career… until now.

Yesterday the Don Cartegena took to his social media to announce that he and White Castle were entering a partnership to kick off 2022 and label the month of January, “Joenuary” and have White Castle serve up some exclusive Fat Joe themed menu items for the first month of the new year. Proudly stating that he’s linked up with White Castle to “destroy your New Years resolution,” Fat Joe introduced White Castle’s latest burgers that actually look like some flavorful looking sliders dubbed the “Sloppy Joe,” the “Smoky Joe,” and of course, the “Spicy Joe.” There’s even going to be some “Sloppy Fries” available. Lowkey surprised tostonies weren’t added to the menu too. Just sayin.’

Yeah, judging by Joe’s history, vegans need not get excited about these new joints.

Aside from the new sliders, White Castle will also be dropping some Joe-memes, Joetry, Joe Trivia and other Joey Crillz related things for the rest of the month.

The new menu items will be available until February 19 so you’ll definitely be able to take your significant other to White Castle on Valentine’s Day to chow down on Fat Joe’s sliders because nothing says love like rapper themed fast food. “F” a fancy restaurant that leaves your wallet light, am I right?

Will you be trying out the new Fat Joe inspired sliders at White Castle? Let us know in the comments section below.