Award-winning actor Denzel Washington was not present at the White House ceremony honoring him and the 16 other recipients of the Presidential Medal of Freedom last Thursday after testing positive for COVID-19. President Joe Biden recognized his absence in his speech from the East Room.


Oscar-winning actor Matthew McConaughey spoke to reporters at the daily White House press briefing on Tuesday and made a demand for lawmakers to pass stronger gun control reforms. The native of Uvalde, Texas spoke about how he and his wife visited the town after the deadly mass shooting that took place in May which took 19 lives, and how everyone wanted the same reforms in the wake of the tragedy.

There has been heavy speculation of Russian meddling in American politics for years but this would be the biggest revelation yet.

The Biden Administration is in the planning stages of launching a national vaccine passport program. If successful, it will help the inoculated integrate safely back to everyday life, but where does that leave the poor and people of color?

According to published reports, President-elect Joe Biden is considering the former senior adviser for the Biden-Harris campaign for the position of White House Press Secretary. 

One of the most polarizing White House officials got put in her place for talking slick. On Thursday, July 16 Press Secretary Kayleigh McEnany addressed the eyesore that is the gun violence problem in Chicago. When discussing the issue she took a very clear shot at Mayor Lori Lightfoot calling her the “the derelict mayor of Chicago".

This action comes as Mayor Bowser has written a letter to President Trump demanding that federal law enforcement leave the city amid protests against police brutality.

After defeating the Los Angeles Rams in the recent Super Bowl LIII contest, the New England Patriots are bucking tradition at least in some part. Some Pats players are opting to skip the traditional visit to the White House, robbing President Donald Trump of a usually expected photo op.

The NCAA College Football champions Clemson University Tigers were naturally invited to the White House to partake in the tradition of meeting with the president. President Trump’s fast food spread had its fair share of Clemson attendees, but a handful of Black players refused to join the festivities. 

The annual tradition of the NBA championship squad visiting the White House has taken a new direction since the reign of President Donald Trump, and the Golden State Warriors took things to a petty level. Instead of photo ops with the current president, the Warriors opted to kick it with former President Barack Obama instead […]

Snoop Dogg has made strides in balancing the act of being a true blue Hip-Hop superstar and a pop culture phenom who has crossed over into arenas few would have seen for him two decades ago. The Doggfather took to his popular Instagram page and risked a charge by smoking a blunt in front of […]


Last week one of Donald Trump’s worst nightmares came true when a Black woman not only outsmarted him (which isn’t saying much to be honest) but did so with the world watching. Omarosa Manigault-Newman and her secret White House recordings have been dominating the news cycles for the past week and with every passing interview, […]