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In his career Wood Harris has played many fan favorite characters in different shows and different movies. From Ace in Paid In Full to Avon Barksdale in The Wire, Harris is well-known and loved in the culture.


New Edition: The Movie is really happening (on BET), and some more notable Black actors have joined the cast. Among them, Wood Harris aka Avon Barksdale from The Wire, Duane Martin aka Kyle from Above The Rim and Faizon Love aka Big Worm from Friday. 


Much like gear and fashion, nostalgic Hip-Hop movies appear to be the wave this years. VH1 is throwing their name in the pot with their developing drama, The Breaks, and they using a couple of centerpieces from The Wire to make it pop.


In major cities and small towns all across the country, the crack coke epidemic of the 1980s ravaged neighborhoods and changed minor street toughs into rich and powerful legends. Former West Coast kingpin “Freeway” Ricky Ross and New York coke lord Azie Faison have long since left their former pasts behind, but are joining forces […]

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When it comes to the state of Hip-Hop, Wood Harris wants that old thing back. Best known for his role on The Wire, Harris is not only a loyal fan of the culture, but also pursued a music career. In an interview with Global Grind, the Chicago native spoke on Tupac’s influence, and blasted some […]


E1 Music has announced that they will release The Avon Barksdale Story- Legends Of The Unwired– in March 2010. This gripping film won Best Docudrama at this year’s NY International Independent Film & Video Festival and reveals the raw truth about death, drugs, and violence in the streets of Baltimore, MD. In The Avon Barksdale […]