World Star Hip-Hop

WorldStarHipHop, the oft-criticized Hip-Hop site created by Lee “Q” O’Denant, has dominated the Internets after becoming the online hub for people of color behaving badly on video. During its rise to infamy, the extremely successful website has attracted a fair share of critics. Joining in the criticism is Universal Zulu Nation’s Minister Of Information Quadeer […]

Rhymefest is a gifted lyricist and also backs up his conscious rap ethos, running for a spot on Chicago’s City Council in 2010. Yesterday (October 26th), on Twitter, the Chi-Town MC theorized what is causing urban youth to act a fool and post their antics on World Star Hip Hop; the crack epidemic of the […]

The woman seen catching a vicious uppercut to the chin on a Cleveland bus is speaking. Shi’dea Lane, 25, is who was seen in the now infamous video that showed her getting into a confrontation with who has been identified as Artis Hughes, the driver of the RTA bus. Playing the role of the innocent […]

More details are starting to to emerge regarding the altercation between a Greater Cleveland Regional Transit Authority (RTA) bus driver and a female passenger. Although the woman the still unnamed bus driver hit with a vicious uppercut was thought to be a 15 year-old teen, she is allegedly 25 years-old. 

Kat Stacks is taking her freedom fight to the president. Hip-Hop’s infamous jump-off who had her tactics to garner stardom backfire when she was sent to jail, is facing deportation back to Venezuela and wants the Obama administration to give her a helping hand. Stacks, born Andrea Herrera, has been at a Louisiana immigration detention […]

New York Magazine dropped a fairly lengthy story on WorldStarHipHop. The story looked at the website’s runaway success, which usually comes at the expense of making people of color look like bumbling, misogynistic, ultra-violence dealing coons. New York writes: “WorldStar,” for those who don’t know, is, which started in 2005 as just one more semi-swag […]