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Rhymefest is a gifted lyricist and also backs up his conscious rap ethos, running for a spot on Chicago’s City Council in 2010. Yesterday (October 26th), on Twitter, the Chi-Town MC theorized what is causing urban youth to act a fool and post their antics on World Star Hip Hop; the crack epidemic of the 80s and 90s.

Fest’s particular theory may not have any academic research to back it up, but it does make sense. He even went as far as saying, “And Crack Baby grown ups are funded by record labels radio stations and television.” See: Lil Reese stomping out a chick and seeing no need to apologize for it as well as numerous other trap rappers of ill repute, and suspect rhyme skills.

Looking at some WSHH footage today I had an epiphany. We diss our youth but the sporadic behavior is not their faults,” tweeted the “Brand New” rapper. “The CrackHead babies of the 80’s & 90’s have all grown up. They look normal we equate them with us “Normals” but they’re not like us. The grown up crackbabies of the 80’s & 90’s have a Bane like steroid inside them that is activated by high pressure situations. It’s not just Chicago look at the Black community everywhere Crack hit hard, you’ll see the grown crack babies actin @sses. Really they look good they don’t all have abnormal heads they’re real life grown crack babies I’m serious. 

Don’t be fooled by s-x or a few drinks and have their children your life will be Hell! They’ll turn you into a crackhead baby. Crack was the gift that keeps giving! Crack Babies are grown now and amongst us normalizing crackish behavior. And Crack Baby grown ups are funded by record labels radio stations and television. America gets everything it wants from crackhead grown ups. Entertainment & Support for an ongoing narrative about who we are. Grown up Crackbabies need Obama Care.

Rhymefest has never been shy about sharing his views. In June, he made news when he likened Chief Keef to a “bomb” that “represents senseless savagery.”

While some may take Rhymefest’s diatribe as tongue in cheek Twitter banter, the issues he raises are legit. The youth running around acting up, who more times than not are Blacks and Latinos, are setting a horrible example for their peers and horribly misrepresenting people of color in general.

While we won’t knock their hustle, sites like World Star are making a killing providing an outlet for outright coonery. Which also makes you wonder why people (Black, white and everywhere in between), spend so much time watching and RT’ing the ratchetness?

To quote the late Keith Haring, crack is wack.


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