Entertainment can be a tricky business as not everyone you work with is your friend. Rhymefest was reminded of this reality yet again.


Watching anything Keeping Up With The Kardashians goes against our way of Hip-Hop life, but here we are. Let the record show it’s only because Kanye West is seen discussing his feud with former collaborator and Chicago MC Rhymefest in a new trailer.


Just because mumble rappers continue to flourish and get the bag doesn’t mean real MC’s are going to fall back and keep their mouths shut. As a matter of fact how would you like it if a few of them banded together to form a lyrical super group? That seems to be happening as some […]

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If there is anyone that knows the difference from new and old Kanye it is Rhymefest. The former collaborator and “Jesus Walks” co-writer explains how The Life Of Pablo was the breaking point between the two.


The Donda’s House charity founded by Kanye West and Rhymefest is changing its name. The organization released a statement saying it would be giving up the Donda’s House moniker in lieu of a recent Twitter tirade from Kim Kardashian aimed at the latter.


Rhymefest and Kanye West are clearly not on the best of terms. The latter’s wife, Kim Kardashian, came to her husband’s defense by trying to slander Yeezy’s ex-rap collaborator, and it’s not going too well.


Kanye West’s old Chicago rap buddy Rhymefest just served up a scalding cup of tea. While @’ing Drake, the rapper, community organizer and activist threw Kanye West all the way under the bus. 

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Rhymefest has purchased Kanye West’s childhood home and plans to turn it into an arts incubator for Chicago youth.


Che “Rhymefest” Smith has been a vocal proponent for peace in his beloved hometown of Chicago, despite being on the other end of a robbery recently. Rhymefest held a gun violence vigil last night (Oct. 9) in the Windy City, hoping to bring to the light changes necessary to stop the deluge of crime in […]

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Turn your speakers up to a festive volume, because Migos just blessed the Internets with a new heater.


Rhymefest co-wrote “Jesus Walks” and even ran to be an alderman in Chicago, but none of it mattered when he was robbed at gunpoint in his own neighborhood. The rapper took to Twitter to express his dismay at facing down a gun while getting stuck up for his wallet. 

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Rhymefest was an instrumental figure in providing his longtime friend Kanye West with songwriting and production assistance over the years. Over the weekend, however, the Chicago rapper and activist announced via Twitter that he has cut professional ties with West last month and is worried about his mental state.