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Source: Tori “Torsion” Howard / Handout

Rhymefest has always made it his mission to be authentic and open with his pain and struggles for his listeners. The Chicago rapper’s new single, “Creator,” featuring Brittney Carter and Rell Suma, continues that legacy by bringing his struggles with commitment to the forefront.

Distributed through Golden State Entertainment, the song is part of an upcoming “audio conversation” titled James & Nikki, which pays homage to the iconic conversation authors James Baldwin and Nikki Giovanni had in 1971. 

Heartfelt, honest and searing, Rhymefest’s prose explores the complexities of relationships as a successful Black man, mirroring the angst and energy of Baldwin while MC Brittney Carter plays Nikki, simultaneously forgiving and teaching him how to love wholly. Reimagined and contextualized for today’s time, “Creator” tackles the generational trauma of our time, much of which resembles the politically charged and socially fragmented attitude of the 1970s.

More a conversation than a song, the emphasis on the male and female perspective of love provides a rare balance in an era where rap songs tend to lean more towards the extremes. Song dynamics aside, Rhymefest’s partnership with newly created Golden State Entertainment aligns with his mission of making art that is significant and not typical. Released on the cusp of Black History Month, the song and ensuing project give both brands a chance to show their dedication to social justice now more than ever.

James & Nikki: A Conversation drops February 9 in celebration of Black History Month. Stream “Creator” below.