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'The Public' New York Premiere

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Entertainment can be a tricky business as not everyone you work with is your friend. Rhymefest was reminded of this reality yet again.

As spotted on HipHopDX, the Chicago MC is on a campaign run to promote his upcoming film The Public. During an interview with the Associated Press, he spoke about co-writing the song “Glory” for the hit film Selma. The stand out soundtrack selection garnered him and Common a Grammy Award. But that was back in 2014 and apparently, things have gone between thinned out between the two.

“Of course not. That’s Hollywood. No… Other people are protecting their interests. I get it, but if they only knew. If you only knew how much love could grow if you give me a little authenticity? But that’s fine. I’m doing films. I’ll see you in a minute. Who knows what the universe has in store” he rationalized.

But to hear him tell it Fest holds no grudges against Lonnie. “It’s not that we don’t speak because anybody’s angry at anybody, it’s just, after that, it was just, you know, you just don’t speak. I love Common. I respect him as an artist. I think he’s dope as hell. In fact, he’s one of my heroes.”

Regardless of the distance between Che is grateful for the overall experience. “You can’t go around feeling cheated or you can’t move forward. So, I don’t feel cheated. Also, it was an opportunity for me. I did get a Grammy. I did get a Soul Train Award. I did get a plaque. I was part of a great thing that happened, and guess what? More than me, the world needed ‘Glory.’”

Most recently Rhymefest made up with longtime collaborator Kanye West.

The Public will be in theaters starting today; it stars Emilio Estevez, Alec Baldwin, and Christian Slater. You can find the trailer below.

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