However, before Hip-Hop fame and Grammy nominations, Gibbs spent his time on the block and retold a story of how he shot a man hopped up on crack cocaine nine times who lived to tell the tale.


Cam’Ron just blessed the streets with more of that (former) fly drug dealer talk with Purple Haze 2 and he famously told us a decade ago that he “Used To Get It In Ohio” on his Crime Pays album. However, a middle-aged postal worker must have studied the ways of Killa after she was caught […]

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While Fat Joe has a long history of making hits he doesn’t get his just due for being ones of the best interviews in the game. His latest Q&A resulted in some very memorable quotes and more.


Although the use of crack cocaine has dramatically dropped over the past decade and more, it’s apparent people are still using crude methods to get the drug into their system. In Suffolk County, New York, vending machines featuring alleged makeshift crack pipes cropped up and police there have been cracking down in locating and destroying […]

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President Obama, working to limit extreme drug penalties handed out before the current law, commuted the sentences of eight nonviolent crack cocaine offenders. Of the group, six were serving life sentences for their offenses.

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Let’s make this clear. The use of crack cocaine never got sexy. It never became classy either. Crack is still very much wack folks. Unfortunately, too many celebrities never got this message.

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After months of denying rumors, Toronto mayor Rob Ford confessed to smoking crack at an impromptu news conference yesterday (Nov. 5). While the threat of criminal prosecution has loomed over him the entire time, Ford stated he will not step down from his post.


Although Dwayne “Dubbs” Mitchell was beloved and known for his generosity in his Lower East Side neighborhood, he was also a notorious drug kingpin. The NYPD took down Mitchell and 10 other men, using techniques seemingly ripped out of HBO’s cop drama, The Wire.


A 58-year-old grandmother who ran a crack coke drug ring in Buffalo, N.Y. faces sentencing this week after SWAT teams raided her operation in 2012. However, her former neighbors say that her reign as a drug queen actually kept the neighborhood safer and add that things have gone downhill since.


Just about everyone following this Lamar Odom struggle just got hit with a pump fake. It turns out the NBA free agent with an alleged crack cocaine addiction has not checked into a rehab facility after all. 

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2 Chainz held down the “Liberty Stage” for about an hour yesterday at the second annual Budweiser Made In America festival. The Atlanta rapper captivated the crowd, performing his hits and guest verses to rabid applause.


The skeletons are starting to fly out of Lamar Odom‘s closet. Allegedly, Khloe Kardashian’s hubby was using hard drugs while he was playing for the Dallas Mavericks and possible while on the Los Angeles Lakers.