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Although the use of crack cocaine has dramatically dropped over the past decade and more, it’s apparent people are still using crude methods to get the drug into their system. In Suffolk County, New York, vending machines featuring alleged makeshift crack pipes cropped up and police there have been cracking down in locating and destroying them.

ABC 7 New York reports:

Town of Brookhaven officials and Suffolk County police are trying to figure out who placed three potential crack pipe vending machines, dubbed as pen vending machines, in Coram and Medford.

The town received complaints about the machines over the weekend. Two of them — one of which had partially destroyed by community members — have been removed.

The blue and white vending machines, which featured the words “Sketch Pens” on the outside in black and red font, were mounted in cement into the ground and would dispense a small glass tube and a filter. Included was the top of a pen, which could be put into the glass tube to form a pen, along with an ink tube.

Local outlet Pix 11 adds in its reporting that police in and across the Town of Brookenhaven have seized three of the machines with concerns there may be more. Crude in appearance, the machines spit out pens that, when deconstructed, featured the means to put together a pipe to smoke crack for the cost of just two dollars.

“There are some people who think they’re going to make some money out of this and prey on a community and promote drug use in a community,” Brookenhaven Town supervisor Ed Romaine said on Monday (Sept. 11) at a news conference. “They’re going to be sadly mistaken.”

Photo: WENN