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Power, Season 5, Episode 505

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Who said rappers can’t act? Power fans were on edge when it was announced last week that Kendrick Lamar would be flexing his acting chops alongside 50 Cent on the show. Kung-Fu Kenny shocked us all with his masterful performance as Laces the crackhead or as he self-described himself “flakka head” in the shows recent episode. Twitter showered the TDE general with love for his acting debut.

Can we get an encore?

That was what a lot of Power viewers were shouting after Lamar bodied his cameo appearance as the fast-talking drug abuser who helped Kanan carry out his dastardly deeds. King Kendrick’s performance had fans of the show putting his performance in the pantheon of other fictional crackheads such as New Jack City’s Pookie (Chris Rock), Jungle Fever’s Gator (Samuel L. Jackson) and Friday’s Ezal (Anthony Johnson).

Last night’s episode of Power was the shows best so far this season, and Lamar’s cameo is being credited as one of the main reasons it will go down in the show’s growing lore.

After the episode, a featurette ran with showrunner Courtney A.Kemp and Lamar talking about his riveting performance as the woke basehead Laces. K-Dot revealed that the cameo “been in the works for a long time,” and it was pretty much a done deal once Kemp got a call from 50. As far as the choice of character for Lamar to play, the decision to play a drug abuser was all his because it was a “character he knew so well growing up in Compton,” the rapper added.

Kendrick’s acting debut definitely has his fans wanting more of their favorite rapper on screen. It’s apparent now there is nothing this talented brother can’t do. One of Power’s stars Joseph Sikora had to chime in on Lamar’s performance as Laces.

Looks like there are Acadamy Awards and Emmy’s in Kendrick’s future, for more praise check out the gallery below and be sure to catch up on Power with our latest recap.

Twitter Loved Kendrick Lamar’s Acting Debut As Laces The Crackhead On ‘Power’
Power, Season 5, Episode 505
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