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Power, Season 5, Episode 505

Source: Starz / Starz

Angela continues to feel the heat from her superiors, and Kana goes on a rampage. Kendrick Lamar’s guest appearance and more highlights make this another classic episode of Power.

The episode begins with Vincent getting his retribution for Tommy’s lies about having no more drug game problems. He forces Teresi to pull the trigger against Sammy or Tommy, otherwise everyone dies. Teresi chooses Sammy but the gun is empty. Vincent accepts them as family but excommunicates the trio from the family business. Teresi explains to Sammy that he knew the gun wasn’t loaded, but needs to roll on Tommy soon or make some cash in the process, since they’re now out of work. Tommy doesn’t believe Dre was behind the drive-by and needs a new connect now that the Italians are out of the picture.

Kanan continues to create chaos between Tommy and Ghost and within Dre’s new organization. He suggests hitting the Tainos to cause a further rift between Dre and Cristobal, but Tommy isn’t with it. So Kanan conducts his own hit campaign against the Tainos with an unlikely ally. Kendrick Lamar makes his guest appearance as the neighborhood woke dopefiend Laces. In the most memorable Power guest appearance in series history, Laces approaches Kanan selling gift cards and a bike for $20 (a steal, btw). When Kanan refuses, Laces mentions how the Spanish dudes in the neighborhood didn’t want to see them prosper. Kanan’s wheels start turning, and with Laces providing diversions, murders members of the Tainos. Kanan x Laces is the heist film I didn’t know I needed until now.


Photo: Starz

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