Power Season 5, Episode 504

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Bad choices continue to haunt everyone involved with Ghost or Angela. Relive their path to the ultimate struggle in this latest episode of Power.

Ghost isn’t pleased with Tommy arriving late to their rendezvous, especially because of Teresi. Tommy makes an urgent request to move money and eliminate the Jiminez because Mitic isn’t going to be patiently waiting for his money. Kanan is eager to suggest getting helped from the newly released Teresi. Ghost screams on Tommy for withholding information from him and potentially compromising their business. Ghost wants Tommy to take care of the Jiminez problem WITHOUT Teresi.

Ghost knows Tommy won’t follow the plan, and so does Kanan. They discuss how to get Teresi out of the picture without harming Tommy. Kanan suggests they kill Teresi, but Ghost has a plan to make Tommy toxic to the Italians and keep everyone alive.

This gives Kanan the opportunity to enact another phase of his plan to overthrow Tommy. He hires hitters to fake a drive-by on the Italians in an attempt to scare them and encourage them to sever ties with Tommy. The hitters decide to use real bullets instead of blanks during the drive-by, hitting Vincent and almost killing more people, before Kana comes through to “save the day”. He kills the hitters, and tells Vincent they were linked to Tommy’s past drug game issues, which Tommy and Sammy swore were over. Kanan is creating dissent within the mob, making it easier to step in once Tommy is gone…

Power Season 5, Episode 504

Source: Starz / Starz


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