According to Deadline, Fetty Wap, real name William Junior Maxwell, was arrested last week at New York’s CitiField on a two-count federal indictment. The "Trap Queen" rapper was going to be a part of the three-day Rolling Loud music festival at the New York Mets’ home stadium but never made it to the stage. After the arrest, Maxwell stood before a Long Island judge on charges of being what the government is calling a “kilogram-level dealer” of opioids.

One of Rap’s greatest talents has to face his very infamous reputation. Pusha T says his cocaine bars have come back to bite into his potential earnings.

One New Jersey Police Officer's pension and pay weren't enough. He decided to sling crystal meth on the side.

One Rap’s rising stars might need an intervention. All signs are pointing to Famous Dex having issues with controlled substances.

While the world patiently waits on the results of the 2020 election there is some good news to report. One state had made the right decision regarding an issue that wrongfully imprisoned thousands.

The internet is dragging the Bronx rapper and comparing her to Rick Ross.

Vince Staples has only lived for a quarter of a century, but he’s already cemented his place as a cultural commentator along with his formidable musical contributions. Given that many artists of his generation rely heavily on alcohol and drugs to create and cope, Staples shared a perspective of living sober that was largely centered […]

While Famous Dex attributes his recent nod off to lack of rest his team is saying otherwise. All signs points to drug abuse.

Young Thug is currently dogged by a 2017 car stop that led to a drug arrest and is working with his legal team to get the case dropped. According to Thugger, police made an “unlawful” stop and failed to read him his Miranda rights thus hoping to angle this in his favor. 

Over the weekend, a former Atlanta rapper and another man were arraigned and face drug trafficking charges. According to reports, Tommie “Columbia BT” Walker and Juan Carlos Garcia-Martinez were caught allegedly attempting to move $4,000,000 in cocaine in what appears to be a multi-state operation.

Although the use of crack cocaine has dramatically dropped over the past decade and more, it’s apparent people are still using crude methods to get the drug into their system. In Suffolk County, New York, vending machines featuring alleged makeshift crack pipes cropped up and police there have been cracking down in locating and destroying […]

Demi Lovato‘s ongoing ordeal regarding her recent drug overdose has been connected to a man who was arrested for drugs and guns earlier this year. The man was allegedly at the singer’s home and used drugs with her, which led to her medical emergency.