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Freddie Gibbs live in Copenhagen, Denmark.

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Freddie Gibbs has always positioned himself as an authentic representation of the streets that raised him and informs the bulk of his high-quality musical output. However, before Hip-Hop fame and Grammy nominations, Gibbs spent his time on the block and retold a story of how he shot a man hopped up on crack cocaine nine times who lived to tell the tale.

In an interview with Joe Rogan for the host’s The Joe Rogan Experience podcast, a conversation between comedian Brian Moses and the man also known as Kane, with the trio discussing the finer points of cocaine. After Moses broke down why 45 caliber bullets were designed to take down coked-up Black men back in the day, Gibbs just blurted out that he too has seen how difficult it is to take down a man hopped up on that crack rock.

“I shot a crackhead back in the day, I shot that n*gga nine times with a Tec-9 and he kept running down the alley,” Gibbs said with the matter-of-factness we often witness in his verses.

The moment was part of a larger four-hour episode of The Joe Rogan Experience, with Moses remarking on Twitter that Gibbs might have a future in podcasting. Given the Gary, Ind. native’s natural comedic timing as seen in his videos, his zany and now-defunct Instagram account, and how easily he dispatches trolls on Twitter, Moses is definitely right.

As some might know, Freddie Gibbs and The Alchemist are up for a Grammy Award for Best Rap Album this year for their acclaimed collaborative project, Alfredo.

Check out the interview portion below.

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