A spokesperson for Spotify denied reports that the streaming giant has spent very little of a fund created in 2022 to promote diversity efforts in podcasting. According to reports, less than 10% of the estimated $100 million in the Creators Equity Fund has been spent to date.


Joe Rogan believes Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson needs to "come clean" about if he's using steroids or not. "He's so massive" Rogan said.

According to confidential sources, it's been discovered that the actual value of the deal that Spotify made to exclusively host Joe Rogan's controversial podcast is estimated at more than $200 million as opposed to the initial figure close to $100 million that was announced in May 2020.

NewsMax, certainly no friend to the "woke," aired a segment featuring agreeable Blacks who don't mind that Rogan went on a happy little n-word spree.

With backlash coming in the form of artists leaving the service along with criticism from subscribers, the CEO of the popular streaming service apologized to his staff but added that he won't be "silencing" Rogan.

However, his presence or Spotify has been somewhat disruptive to the business and Rogan took time to apologize to the DSP as a result.

Controversial podcast host Joe Rogan is apparently backing former First Lady Michelle Obama for a 2024 run for president as the Democratic Party's nominee. Speaking to listeners, he claimed that she had a legitimate shot and that only a team of former President Donald Trump and Florida Governor Ron DeSantis would be able to stop her.

After attracting the ire of the LGBTQ community for his jokes in past specials, most especially The Closer, the veteran comedian performed this week in New Orleans alongside another maligned funnyman in Joe Rogan.


Many have questions about ivermectin, the drug that has been consumed by many looking to protect themselves against the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic. This article looks to clear up some of the confusion and to point out why you should avoid it.

Whether you find him funny or not one thing that can be said about Dave Chapelle is that he speaks from the heart. In a new interview, the comedian expressed his disappointment in the Saturday Night Live cast.

However, before Hip-Hop fame and Grammy nominations, Gibbs spent his time on the block and retold a story of how he shot a man hopped up on crack cocaine nine times who lived to tell the tale.

After years of fans asking, Dave Chappelle finally stops by Joe Rogan's podcast to have a brief chat on the latest happenings going on in American politics. Oh, yeah! Donnell Rawlings was there, too.