freddie gibbs


Freddie Gibbs took to Twitter to call out Brooklyn rapper Uncle Murda for lyrics about him in his annual "Rap Up 2022."

Freddie Gibbs returned to the studios of Power 105 for the L.A. Leakers freestyle segment and gets busy off a Jay-Z classic.

Freddie Gibbs drops his fifth studio album, Soul Sold Separately and the early reactions from Twitter are approving.

However, it looks like the beef between the past collaborators escalated after Gibbs was allegedly beaten by goons affiliated with Benny The Butcher.

During a recent interview on Spotify's Greenroom, Benny the Butcher spoke about his previous collaborator after he was asked whether or not he and Gibbs would be appearing on any further tracks in the future after the pair


When told that Jussie feared he might get "Epstein'ed" in prison, Freddie simply said "Oh yeah yeah, they gonna get to ya booty!"


Apparently the issue between Jim and Freddie goes back to 2014 when Freddie was asked if he thought Jim Jones was behind a shooting that left Gibb's car Swiss cheesed up back in New York City.

On Wednesday, Atlanta rapper Gunna took to Twitter to promote his new album Drip Season 4, according to XXL, and to (I guess?) take a shot at Gary, Indiana, MC Freddie Gibbs.

On Tuesday (December 14) at the Prime 112 restaurant, the two rappers allegedly got into a fight after a reported exchange between the two groups.

It appears that fans on Twitter are having issues with some of the content Kane posts on his feed and the attempt to cancel him has been fruitless thus far.

It appears that the Gary, Ind. native is gearing up to deliver more of his razor-sharp lyrics and music on the back of a new single and video in "Big Boss Rabbit."

Gibbs is the main character in the upcoming film Down With The King, which examines the journey of a superstar who hopes to escape the trappings and pressure of his fame.