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The Twitter streets are abuzz with chatter that Jim Jones and his crew cross paths with Freddie Gibbs and his compatriots while dining in Miami. On Tuesday (December 14) at the Prime 112 restaurant, the two rappers allegedly got into a fight after a reported exchange between the two groups.

Details are scant but an outlet we refuse to name on this channel got the scoop of the altercation, explaining that witnesses say Jones and his team were on the way out of the restaurant when Gibbs and his crew were walking in. There was some apparent bad blood between the rappers reportedly started by Gibbs, and one of Jones’ crew threw the first punch.

Gibbs’ chief rival, Akademiks, had plenty to say via his Twitch channel about the whole affair, and posted the original story on his Instagram page with the following caption:

According to sources, a fight between Jim Jones’s crew broke out with Freddie Gibbs’s crew at the swanky restaurant, Prime 112, in Miami. Apparently, the two sides bumped into one another while at the establishment and a fight ensued after words were exchanged. Sources also detailed that #FreddieGibbs and his side took the worst of the exchange.

On Twitter, a clip has circulated featuring Akademiks acknowledging that Jones runs with some tough guys and that Gibbs, whom he referred to as Fredrick, was nothing but “a Twitter n*gga like me.”

What fans online are promoting most of all is the fact the alleged fight didn’t go beyond the hands and that the burners were tucked. Hopefully, this situation doesn’t escalate, or that someone can mediate a talk between the gentlemen.

When asked for comment, a rep for Jim Jones stated, “‘We Set The Trends’ is streaming over two million on both youtube and spotify.” And that’s that on that.

For now, check out the reactions from Twitter.

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