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Freddie Gibbs would probably like to have a relaxing Cinco de Mayo but instead, he’s the subject of ridicule after his ex-girlfriend The Fit Mami aired out some personal business. In a Twitter thread, the budding porn star detailed how Freddie Gibbs bagged her and then left her stranded with a baby on the way.

The relationship between Freddie Gibbs and The Fit Mami seemed as solid as any high-profile relationship but it appears things aren’t what they seemed. We’ll share some of the excerpts of the Twitter thread below.

“[S]o freddie and i met in 2020 when he slid into my DMs on instagram. and for the record, he always knew i did porn and was very supportive,” The Fit Mami said in the thread, adding, “after we made it official blogs started posting about us, we didn’t care we were just having fun.”

It continued with, “shortly after that it was time to go to europe. we went, we enjoyed it, everything was great. we would always talk about having a baby. none of it was one sided.”

It appears things went left after Freddie Gibbs was jumped by a group of men allegedly connected to Benny The Butcher as the former collaborators engaged in a beef.

“after we got back from europe his stateside tour started. everything was good until we got jumped in buffalo, ny. here’s me fighting looking thicc in the orange. freddie is in the back in the green,” The Fit Mami tweeted, complete with an image of her throwing hands.

Sadly, the incident left The Fit Mami mentally scarred and seeking medical assistance to deal with her anxiety. Further, she shared that one of Gibbs’ baby mothers reached out to her and attempted to shame her for not being a good mother to her own child.

Fast forward, Gibbs tells The Fit Mami he wasn’t looking to have another child at the moment and she was close to terminating the pregnancy but couldn’t go through with it. She then adds that after deciding to keep the child, she stopped paying the rapper’s phone bill after they broke up.

Again, it’s all a lot and we skipped a lot of details, which you can see in the thread below. As of this writing, Freddie Gibbs has yet to respond to any of this and Twitter is having a field day with the mess. Check out the reactions below.

Photo: Source: Johnny Nunez / Getty