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All Points East 2022: Disclosure

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For the past few seasons, Freddie Gibbs has found himself squabbling with a few of his rap peers, and now he’s taking aim at Uncle Murda as he’s taken issue with some bars that the Brooklyn rapper threw at him in his annual “Rap Up” track.

Known to take shots at any and everyone in his yearly “Rap Up” song in which Uncle Murda analyzes the past years’ events in a comedic and sometimes disrespectful manner, Freddie Gibbs didn’t take too lightly to Murda’s lines which stated:

“Let’s talk about Freddie Gibbs, like really what’s up with him?/N*ggas robbed him in Buffalo and he got beat up again/He be out here looking like a cold-blooded sucker.”

Needless to say that wasn’t something that Gibbs found too humorous. Taking to Twitter to respond to the bars, Freddie Gibbs didn’t go hard on the Brooklyn rapper and simply said that “Uncle Murda be friendly as a box of puppies every time I see him.”

Well, if that’s what it is then that’s what it is. Hopefully for the sake of the culture it doesn’t go beyond simple bars and tweets as we all know, it’s not that serious.

Murda meanwhile hasn’t responded to the tweet but did have social media buzzing with his takes on other well-known celebrities such as Megan Thee Stallion, Kanye West, and even Brittney Griner. Griner was imprisoned in Russia for 10 months, but eventually freed when the U.S. swapped a notorious arms dealer for the WNBA star. In some bars that caught many ears, Uncle Murda spit:

“Russia got the best part of that deal we got played/I’m happy she home but really tryna understand, how we let a Russia arms dealer go for Juwanna man/I know she can rebound, shoot, and got a little dribble, but if we go to war can that b*tch block a missile? I be on some bullsh*t I know people can’t stand me/Benzino got caught up fucking with a tranny.”

We’re lowkey surprised Benzino hasn’t said anything about Uncle Murda yet. Just sayin.’ What did y’all think of Uncle Murda’s 2022 “Rap Up”? Is Freddie Gibbs taking it too personal? Did Uncle Murda cross the line on any of his rhymes? Check out the cut and let us know in the comments section below.