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It appears that the reported beef between Freddie Gibbs and Benny The Butcher is heating up after Gibbs took to social media to call out rappers for using his name during interviews.

During a recent interview on Spotify’s Greenroom, Benny the Butcher spoke about his previous collaborator after he was asked whether or not he and Gibbs would be appearing on any further tracks in the future after the pair previously joined forces on Freddie’s 2020 album Alfredo for the track “Frank Lucas,” as well as on Benny’s 2020 LP Burden of Proof with “One Way Flight.”

In response to the questions, Benny was quoted as saying that “the moment of working together came and went, to be honest with you,” before adding, “It’s all love.”

Of course, Freddie Gibbs didn’t take too kindly to the shade, hopping on Twitter scoffing at the highlighter quote, writing, “Came and went lol.”

It didn’t take long for the Indiana-bred MC to take to Instagram live to expand on his thought on the Griselda rapper’s statement, calling for all of his fellow MCs to “keep [his] name out of their mouths.”

“N***a said working with Freddie Gibbs came and went,” Freddie Gibbs said. “I know some other sh*t that came and went, too, n***a. … Just keep my name out y’all mouth man, when y’all talking to people who are doing interviews and sh*t. Just say ‘next question, man. I don’t want to talk about that n***a, man.’ Just say ‘next motherf**kin’ question.’ For real.”

After news of their strained relationship began to make headlines, the two continued to trade shots over the weekend on social media with Benny The Butcher seemingly addressing Gibbs’s reaction to his statement through a subliminal message on social media, writing:

“I never seen these n**gas tough nowhere but the internet,” Benny The Butcher tweeted.

The following day, Gibbs returned with his own jab online, writing, “Shout out my Houston n**gaz,” an obvious no to the city where Benny was shot in the leg during a robbery attempt in November 2020.

On Sunday (March 27), Benny kicked his shots up a notch after claiming Gibbs “begged” to do a joint album with him.

“How can u hate on a n**ga u begged to do an album with…TT4 OUT NOW !!!” he tweeted.

As the shots continued, Gibbs took to Instagram stories to respond to Benny The Butcher’s begging claim, by posting a series of posts and accusing him of fabricating a beef to promote his new album, saying:

“N**gaz whole marketing plan for they album is to beef with Freddie Gibbs. That’s cute,” Gibbs wrote, “If u opened for me before just be grateful. Why would I beg a n**ga to work with me when he do less than me? Next time just get the Drake verse cleared and u ain’t gotta do all this for promo. Head up fade solve everything. But y’all n**gaz ain’t got the nuts to sit in a room alone with me for 5 min.”

Gibbs continued his response via Twitter, writing, “I ain’t mad cuz I know they just doing it for promo. F**k em. Everybody can’t love us.”

While Benny The Butcher has yet to address the topic further, YSL Records artist and Young Thug protege Gunna is the latest rapper added to Gibbs list of rappers he’s beefing with after taking to social media to share a post of himself dancing to Gunna’s “Poochie Gown” diss onstage.

On Saturday, Gibbs took to Twitter to reference a bar from bar Gunna’s DS4EVER diss track, writing, “I can’t f**k with Freddie Gibbs,” before posting a video of him rapping along to the song before adding a second clip of himself dancing with the caption “My theme song…”

As previously reported, the two entered the beef chat after Gibbs insinuated that the “Pushin P” rapper is a snitch after tweeting, “If u was on crime stoppers TV u a snitch. Ain’t no way around it,” back in 2020, in response to a clip of Gunna allegedly on a CNN show that gave the same appearance as the former hit tip line show ‘Crime Stoppers’ discussing a crime.

During an interview on The Breakfast Club, Gunna addressed the interview saying:

“Man, I don’t know what the f**k that’s about,” Gunna said. “Man, Crime Stopper where? I ain’t never stop a crime. Never. Yes, that’s me, but that wasn’t on no Crime Stoppers. I don’t know what the hell n****s thinking about ’cause I wasn’t in no case or nothing. So a n***a even saying like, ‘You snitched on…’ Who? I was never in no case.”

Despite Gunna’s explanation, Gibbs doubled down on his assertion earlier this year after their beef erupted, directly labeling Gunna a snitch, prompting the rapper to later claimed that Gibbs reached out to do a song together after dissing him in 2020.

“I had to know like, ‘Ay, bro I don’t f**k with you.’ Because he tried to do a song with me through my manager,” Gunna explained. “And it’s like, ‘What?’… He thought I forgot… I just don’t forget. If I got a problem with you five years ago, it don’t change. It could be 10 years later, I’m gon’ get you. That’s how I treat things. I don’t want us to fight or argue, it’s okay.”

Back in January, ahead of the release of his latest album, DS4EVER, Gunna revealed he was going to have a few shots for Gibbs on his album, tweeting, “When my album drop Freddie Gibbs will the biggest moment of his career.”

Gibbs responded to the shot once again calling out his colleagues for using his name for clout.

“I’m the hot topic right now,” the Bust Down actor wrote at the time. “These n***az need me to push the project. I get it. 2 years ago this n***az wouldn’t have mentioned my name. That let U know who the new king is.”