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It’s safe to say that not many people came to the defense of Jussie Smollett following his sentencing last week, and now you can count Freddie Gibbs as one of the many people who believe Jussie is simply reaping what he himself has sowed.

TMZ caught up with the “Big Boss Rabbit” rapper and asked him to weigh in on the fact that capitol rioters a.k.a. insurrectionists are getting lighter prison sentences than Jussie Smollett did to which Freddie said “The capitol rioters should go to jail and “Juicy” Smollett should go to jail too, man.” He then added that “Juicy” Smollett shouldn’t see the light of day until three years from now as opposed to the 5 month sentence he got hit with last week.

“He did that bullish*t, he should go to jail,” Freddie said. “Just like b*tches that fake rape s*it should go to jail, he faked a hate crime, he should go to jail. F*ck “Juicy” Smollett. Free “Juicy” Smollett in five years!”

Who knew Freddie was that mad at son? Then again, Gibbs was once jailed over a false accusation while overseas, so it makes sense.

When told that Jussie feared he might get “Epstein’ed” in prison, Freddie simply said, “Oh yeah yeah, they gonna get to ya booty!”

We’re sure this won’t sit well with Jussie Smolett or one of his bigger supporters, Taraji P. Henson, who’s likened his struggle to that of Emmett Till. Her words, not ours.

For his part, Jussie Smollett insists he’s innocent and isn’t at all suicidal even though reports have him placed in the Psychiatric Ward at Cook County Jail already. Pray for that man, y’all.