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Am I getting old or are rap beefs getting really weird?

Clearly, the answer is…yes.

On Wednesday, Atlanta rapper Gunna took to Twitter to promote his new album Drip Season 4, according to XXL, and to (I guess?) take a shot at Gary, Indiana, MC Freddie Gibbs.

“When my album drop Freddie Gibbs will [have] the biggest moment of his career,” Gunna tweeted.

No one seems to be clear on what Gunna was trying to say about Gibbs, but Gibbs did respond…at length.

At one point, I wasn’t sure if Gunna and Gibbs were beefing or having a bromance moment.

But then Gibbs brought out the big Twitter finger guns and accused Gunna of making an appearance on Crime Stoppers, an act Gibbs had previously said would make anyone an entire snitch.

Gibbs then posted a clip of Gunna discussing a criminal case his cousin was involved in and captioned the post, “I’m just gon leave this right here y’all have a good evening.”

For the record: Gibbs did not just leave it there and continue on with his evening.

Gunna pointed out that the clip was not, in fact, from Crime Stoppers, but was actually a CNN segment—but it didn’t appear that mattered to Gibbs.

Gunna later appeared to be doing a little sub-tweeting about the back-and-forth he started with Gibbs declaring that “jumping n a person beef or situation when u don’t know what’s going on” and “speaking on a n**** for (no) reason” are acts that are “not P.”

Note: I didn’t know what “P” meant, and apparently I wasn’t the only one confused by it.

So yeah, these rap beefs are getting strange and perplexing.

I really hope Gunna ain’t no snitch, though.