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Benny The Butcher "Everybody Can't Go" Album Release Party

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Just when it seemed like the the beef between Benny the Butcher and Freddie Gibbs was done and forgotten, the Butcher decided to fire up the grill and add a new cut to keep things cooking in 2024.

With some extra time on his hands these days, Benny the Butcher had social media buzzing when he took the animosity between himself and Freddie up a notch by not only stepping out to the club with Gibbs’ baby mama, Destini Fox (dope name), but he even blessed her with an iced out BSF chain while politicking in the club!

The pettiness is real!

It makes sense that Destini Fox and Benny would collaborate to clown Freddie Gibbs as she accused the “Frank Lucas” rapper of being a deadbeat dad just last year.

As to why Benny decided now was the time to strike, we have no idea. But the two men have been embroiled in some real beef for the past few years. Though the two actually collaborated on a few songs just a few years ago, things soured when Gibbs cracked a joke about Benny getting shot in the leg during a robbery in 2020.

Taking issue with Gibbs’ laughter at his misfortune, Benny and Freddie got into a back-and-forth about never working together again, which culminated in Gibbs getting jumped and beaten down by Benny and his team (allegedly) while Freddie was in Buffalo to do a show. Keep in mind, Destini says she was there for the beatdown and actually threw hands trying to defend her “deadbeat” baby daddy, too. Now, Benny done got the ride-or-die chick that used to be Freddie’s. Wow.

Since then the two have kept their distance from each other, but now it seems like the beef is about to sizzle again as two of Freddie’s foes have seemingly developed a relationship as they have a common enemy.

Posting a pic of herself with Benny on her official IG page, Destini proudly shows off her new bling while writing “big dogs !!” as the post’s caption.

Should be interesting to see how this one plays out and whether Freddie takes the bait and revisits the years-old beef.

What do y’all think of Benny the Butcher and Freddie Gibbs’ baby mama linking up and showing out? Let us know in the comments section below.