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R.I.P: The Dead Labels Of Hip-Hop [Photos]


We Love Young Money, But We Miss These Old Money-Making Hip-Hop Labels

So maybe some of these hip-hop labels may still exist on paper, but to the public eye they are defunct. Since rappers went from the booth to the boardroom and decided to control their own fate, hip-hop labels have become the home for upcoming artists within a crew.

New rappers didn’t have to sign directly to majors, they could find the artist that understood their story and join their clique. But we miss some of these indies that acted like majors and introduced some popular artists that are still around today.

Hit the numbers and see some of the record labels that are mere shells of themselves and some that didn’t make it to this era.



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  • Kiana

    i loved the article but how come blackground (timbaland,missy, magoo, aaliyah,ginuwine) wasn’t on this list?

    • Opinion8It

      @ Kiana and Raveit….Blackground only had Aaliyah ,Timbaland/Magoo and Tank. Ginuwine was signed to Epic/Sony and Missy had her own label through Elektra…Goldmine Music which included Nicole Wray and Tweet.

  • Ann

    Murder, Inc…rip. I loved that era!

  • Cici & Coco -The Besties

    Yes badboy was poppin back in my childhood. Some things cannot be duplicated

  • real talk television

    Wat about rap-a lot…….. SCARFACE, 5TH WARD BOYS, DO OR DIE, DEVIN THE DUDE, GHETTO BOYS, ETC ETC…. yea they still have arrtist buut the early 90’s was theirs in houston and the south

  • real talk television

    Wat about RAP-ALOT ……. SCARFACE, 5TH WARD BOYS, GHETTO BOYS, DEVIN THE DUDE, DO OR DIE, WILLIE D, ETC, ETC. Yea they still got artist but in the early 90’s they put houston on the map in the rap game and scarface is the KING OF THEY SOUTH………

  • ShanyeShayne

    Is it just me but doesn’t the woman (can’t remember her name at the moment) in the upper left-hand corner, next to Pac in that Death Row pic look like an older Teyana Taylor?

  • Danyale

    Even tho cash money still around its nothing like I was 10 years ago bling bling!

  • Big Ryde

    This list couldn’t been longer or something?? No Rap-A-Lot, no Suave House (Eightball & MJG, Tela, Crimeboss) not even The Flavor Unit (Queen Latifah, A Tribe Called Quest, The Jungle Brothers, Monie Love)? So So Def only had Da Brat and Criss Cross as rappers on the label (unless you want to include JD……………I don’t) they was more a R&B label than rap label!