Parenting Fail: Preschoolers Twerking and Dancing On The Strip Pole [Video]


Parenting Fail:  Preschoolers Twerking and Dancing On The Strip Pole

You can’t blame the kids on this one.


Then people wonder why their kids turn out wild.

As Chris Rock Says:


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  • Senteu Tunda

    Very intresting lol

  • Yup

    Nygger women need to be put down like ANIMALS!! This is why theres segregation

  • Mitchell

    And I’m not even gonna comment on the ignorant comment about nygger women above either, cause if THIS is what we’re doing these days, I have nothing to say.

  • wow_really?

    damn…why did it have to be my city!!!

  • Cici & Coco -The Besties

    I could care less about the parents. All i care about is the children. Idk what to say to this… But they’ll definitely be the ones to march when they try to cut off welfare…

  • Znoire

    and you have the nerve to censor me when I typed “a$$isting” coz of the first 3 letters????????? Are you kidding me??

  • misterwhitefolks

    What a fine community…This is a new porch monkey low!!

  • Kris

    The only chance these little girls have is if someone removes them from the house rnow, I mean IMMEDIATELY. Other than that, they’re completely hopeless. Raggedy, ignorant, ghetto trash who will NEVER amount to anything other than welfare recipients or strippers.

  • Alexi

    I cant believe these parents now days… You have to teach these lil girls how to be respected by boys and men as they get older…. Those lil girls saw that in the home and the parents think its ok… DISGUSTING!!

  • Keisha

    This is so New Orleans! There’s nothing cute about this. I hate to say it, but this is my city.

  • AC

    I wonder what she’s going to be when she grows up.

  • latrece

    For a young 28 yr old strong black mother of 3 girls i am speechless and pissed the hell off…1st what mother even thinks that crap is cute thats disgusting n need to have her kids to be remove from her immediately. and 2n hiphopwire im gonna report this sick crap to the fbi and cps for even posting it…

  • CooCooKitty

    There’s nothing cute bout a 11yr. old pregnant girl. SMH, poor baby.