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Woman Robs Convenience Store For $94, Gets 18 Years In Prison


Woman Receives 18 Years In Prison For Stealing $94

Connie Murray Dumas walked into a One Stop convenience store last year and robbed it with a gun for the total amount of $94.

After a jury’s conviction due to a witness pointing out her vehicle and security footage of her holding the gun that she claims was a car key and a cell phone, Connie will serve 18 years in prison.

Who knew Rock Hill, South Carolina was so strict when it comes to robbery?

Dumas initially signed a confession, saying she robbed the store because her home was in foreclosure.

During the trial,  she claimed she didn’t commit the robbery because she had “ample available money” in a North Carolina bank account.

Well hopefully the money will gain interest so she can use it in 2029 when she comes home.

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