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Remembering 2Pac’s Legacy On The Anniversary Of His Death [Video]


10 Powerful 2Pac Videos

On the anniversary of the day Tupac Shakur passed away, his memory lingers on so much that the Makaveli moniker he named himself has fans believing the outlaw is truly immortal.

Many supporters, lovers and admirers of the artist 2Pac are unfamiliar with his actual words and messages as his artistry seemed to get somewhat lost in the image that became larger than life.

The revolutionary, martyr, actor, and rebel was also a gifted rapper with the ability to paint pictures and reach the masses without being formulaic. Some of his videos touched us so much that he didn’t even have to be in them.

Take a look at ten of some of the most powerful visuals of the late great Tupac Shakur who was snatched from the earth on September 13th, 1996.

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  • OhnoTheGreat!

    Cant believe no oe commented on this, but when Biggies anniversary comes around the message boards are flooded. Greatness deserves rememberance!

  • Nicki

    I can’t believe it’s been 15 years… I can’t believe justice has not been served. RIP Tupac…there will never be another.

  • GloryAnn

    Thank You for this Tribute to the greatest Rapper of all times, I am very glad that this happen. I love PAC and even though it seems like not everyone got his messages, he did have a lot to speak on for the younger genetration . As an old head I want to express how great 2 PAC was. Again I would like to thank you for this tribute to the BEST. I will always love PAC

  • stacey

    greatest rapper of all time i love his messages