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Video of U.N. Military Forces Raping Haitian Man Surfaces, More Atrocities Revealed [Video]


Haitian Boy Raped By UN.N. Forces


The United States of America’s, along with the Allied forces’, occupation of Haiti for almost a decade now, and increasing since last January’s tragic earthquake, has many people questioning their motive for remaining so long in the peninsula-country with the rich revolutionary history.

Rumors of heinous abuses by U.N. led forces have consistently surfaced – ranging from rampant looting; unprovoked murders of innocent, unarmed civilians and the sexual assaults of men, women and children; just to mention a few.

The allegations of abuse by invading imperialists have been reconfirmed when a video of three male members of the United Nations ‘peacekeeping’ forces raping a young Haitian man was recently revealed.

The video appears to have been captured on a cell phone camera, and it shows a U.N. worker from Uruguay raping 18 years-young Johnny Jean, while a few other colleagues hold him down and watch, laughing.  The assault occurred in the town of Port-Salut, back on July 28th 2011.

The victim and his mother, Rose Marie Jean, are said to have testified in front of a judge and gone on local radio stations revealing the homosexual practices of the filthy occupying U.N. operatives.

Although initial reports of the assault were denied, the video proves otherwise.

It has not been proven yet, but the assailant is said to have been dismissed from his military duties, and Uruguay claims to be continuing its investigative efforts.

U.N. forces have long been accused of… looting, raping, robbing and murdering victims; as well as spreading diseases like… cholera, gonorrhea, syphilis and H.I.V.; throughout its global colonizing conquests of other countries.

Major General Luiz Ramosa, Commander of the United Nations Stabilization Mission in Haiti (MINUSTAH) delivered a hollow apology in a letter to Haiti:

“As commander of the military forces of the United Nations Mission for Stabilization in Haiti, I want to express my sincere regret for the unfortunate events caused by a small number of soldiers of MINUSTAH in Port-Salut…  It is very unfortunate that the bad actions of a few, tarnish the many good works of many others.

 Every day, the vast majority of staff of the MINUSTAH is working to display a high level of professionalism and discipline, and build good relations with the Haitian people.  We are guests in your country.”

Haitian President, Michel Martelly, said the illicit act… “would not go unpunished.”

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