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Soulja Boy Says He’s Working With Drake, Is Tired Of Everyone Copying Him


Rapper/Actor Soulja Boy is claiming that hip-hop artists are taking his “swag” from his music and trying to use his rapping-style.

In an interview with Billboard, Soulja Boy spoke on working with on a new album and working with some of music’s biggest names today.

However, Soulja said it has been difficult for the young rapper to score features, because to him everyone is just copying his style.

“Me and Drizzy (Drake). We definitely going to drop something. Definitely Busta Rhymes, Lil B…I mean there’s artists out there, but its like, Isht got dry in the last few years. N***as be trying to sound like me and sh**.”

“I listen to a hit, its like ‘Okay it’s a hit, but it sounds like me. Every time I do something they copy it…I mean its cool, it makes me bigger and Isht. But it’s just like… Once you do so much copying, I can’t do me then.”

While many have claimed it is actually Soulja Boy who has swag jacked fellow rappers like Lil B, do you think people are really stealing Soulja’s style?

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  • ??????

    Yes, they are coping him.

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