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Conservative Ann Coulter Calls Obama “Flavor Flav” [Video]


There’s no question that President Obama has been the most disrespected President in U.S. history and as he campaigns  for re-election this year, more hatred will be coming on stronger than ever before. Conservative correspondent  Ann Coulter has now called The President Flavor Flav.

During a speech, the racist Coulter stated, “Voters with forty years of politically correct education are ecstatic to have the first Black president. They just love the idea even if we did get Flavor Flav instead of  Thomas Sowell.”

Sowell is a Black conservative.

Why don’t you just call him what you really want to, a ni**er, and stop beating around the bush and say what you feel. After watching the video, weigh in and let us know how you feel about these bigoted remarks.

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  • Verar61

    She is the most racist woman on this earth.  I detest what she said about the president.  It is so uncalled for no matter how much she hates him.    Give the man some respect.  You do not find Democrats calling any Republican out of his or her name.  They have gotten on the Presidents kids, talked about his wife and her big but etc.  All uncalled for. We KNOW ALL REPUBLICANS HATE THEM!!!!!!!!!!!! This is supposed to be the best country in the world and you call your President names!!!! The parties should be working together to make this country better but Repubs.  think you are the only ones to make thing better.  NOT!!!!!!!!

  • Brjohnson

    She looks and sounds like a Giraffe with a cold!!!

  • Truth Slayer

    Leave it to a privileged white woman to open up her mouth in America and spew hate toward the President of these United States! I don’t care what politics has to do with it, there is no need to be a racist! Or a Bigot! What an idiot. She should shut her nasal talking, giraffe looking mouth cause if Pres gave her one look and a wink she would be flat on her back or busting her knee caps so fast, she would break the speed of sound and light! Scientists would be baffled and perplexed as to why they couldn’t figure out this equation sooner!

    The presidential debate is going to bring out the ugly in people, race has nothing to do with being president but in America, it has everything to do with everything. Yuk!

    • Jscheibe12

       Shes funny, Its nice to have someone say the things nobody else will, that they are all thinking. Poking fun at races isnt racist, its funny to point out the funny things about each race, but racism requires hatred, people need to quit throwing around “racist” every time a race is mentioned in any light.

      • Sugar

         Except there is nothing that relates the President to Flavor Flav other than race!

  • Anonymous

    And WHO told THAT trick she was funny? Guess we could say that that audience Got the Kim Kardashian of the Republican party to speak since she evidently got famous for what she was putting IN her mouth and not what was coming OUT of it too!

  • Crackers will be crackers where ever crackers are even god cant change the evil in them it has proven over and over again.