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Warrant Issued For Rapper Juvenile’s Arrest Over Unpaid Child Support


Juvie’s baby momma wants her dough, now. TMZ reports that a warrant has been issued for Juvenile’s arrest because the former Cash Money rapper owed $160,000 in child support.

Allegedly, the “Back That Azz Up” rapper hasn’t sent any loot to Dionne Williams on behalf of their 13-year-old son in five years. In Louisiana, not paying your child support can get you locked up. To stay out of the bing, Juvie’s going to have to ante up $50K and figure out how to pay the rest.

Juvenile just dropped a new mixtape, Mardi Gras, and is dropping a new album called Rejuvenation on April 3. Safe bet Juve is looking to book some paid dates right now.

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  • Tahja

    So sad, a rapper that don`t pay his child support. What is wrong with our black men today? How do a male look at him self in a mirror and call him self a man? Real men take care of thier responsibilies. Black men pull your pants, get the joint out of your mouth and learn how to be REAL MEN.

  • Tahja


  • SexyDex

    Maybe, women should stop sleeping around for money. Oops did anyone get their feelings hurt.

    It’s not the man that is having the baby it’s the woman. She need to pick a better mating partner!!!

    Case closed…Child support is a JOKE and should be done away with.

  • keisha

    I’ve been in a marriage for 13yrs.My x husband haven’t paid child support in 4 yrs. Choose who u sleep with huh. They are guys that are selfish and takes it out on the kids bcz their mad WtF. You don’t know these people back round are anything. Ppl change and some guys don’t care about know one else but themselves. She didn’t conceive on her own. some men aren’t worth a damn.