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Stop The Madness: 10 Tragic Killings & Cases Like Trayvon Martin’s [PHOTOS]


While the nation becomes galvanized in the fight for justice in the tragic shooting case of 17-year-old Trayvon Martin, his death reminds how racism, gun violence and abuses in authority have led to similar situations. Hip-Hop Wired takes a look back at some other unfortunate occurrences that eerily echo what happened in Sanford, FL nearly a month ago.


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Photo: Aiyana Jones

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  • Findingnemo2

    Very chilling and compelling list. Now point me to the caucasian accidental deaths. It must be close to non existent seeing as though I’ve never seen one.

  • MissDiva05

    My heart is broken… All so sad.

  • KeptWoman

    Let’s not forget two other killings that both happened in New York I believe.

    #1 The young Bell who was killed by police after he left a club. It was said, he had a sub sandwich in his pocket and he was to be married the SAME day of the shooting.

    #2 I believe this gentlemen was Hispanic( correct me if I’m wrong) this man was shot 41 times in broad daylight. I don’t remember the circumstances involving his death.

    I do know the Police Officers in BOTH shootings were acquitted of all charges.

  • Kdee

    Add Johnny gammage killed by Pittsburgh police during routine traffic stop. he was 5’6″ and unarmed. They suffocated him when 5+ cops tried to “restrain” him.

  • Kdee

    Add Johnny gammage killed by Pittsburgh police during routine traffic stop. he was 5’6″ and unarmed. They suffocated him when 5+ cops tried to “restrain” him.

  • Nojustice-nopeace

    This frightens me mainly b/c I have a 2 year old (black) son. Who’s not to say that my son will not b trayvon or anyone one else on this list in 15 yrs. we got to keep praying ppl (and voting)

    • SaveOurChildrenNow

      If you teach your son how to act like a respectable human being, he will never find himself in Trayvon’s situation. However, if you teach him its ok to act like Rick Ross, 5o Cent, and other wannabe morons, regardless of his skin color, financial background, or any other observable factor which distinguishes one person from another, he will undoubtedly have a tough time in life that will lead not only to his own personal failures, but your lifelong anguish as well.

  • christielove

    Law enforcement are so quick to shoot at black people for no reason at all, this list is heartbreaking!

  • Kandykane

    I don’t even have words for this. All of these young lives lost for no reason. The worst part of it is how many of these people were killed by police. Pay our taxes only to be harassed, profiled and murdered in cold blood. Welcome to America.

  • Sirforeverloyal

    I’m not going to say nothing but I am going to pray

  • ImanSeymour

    It seems like we’ll never get justice or equality in this country, makes me scared to even bring a black child into this world..when will enough be enough with these senseless deaths

  • These R just the ones which are known about.  AmeriKKKa has a history of killin’ Black youth.  Remember the Atlanta child murders in the  q980s?

  • Abcdefghijklmnop123456789

    This article is mindlessly irresponsible from the start, “[Trayvon Martin’s] death reminds us how racism, gun violence, and abuses of authority has led to similar situations.” None of those factors played into the tragedy of Trayvon’s death, and to compare his death to these other killings is only to enflame already sensitive race issues which do not exist here, but instead are only being injected by irresponsible media such as yourselves. You should be ashamed for this type of reporting, “hip hop wired.”

    • Sweetlilsen

      All these factors apply to the trayvon situation. I feel bad for those like you who believe this BS excuse Zimmerman has given. This was racism, abuse of power and misuse of a firearm point blank. No going around it. Smh

  • Beauty-Queen

    7-year old Aiyana Jones shoud not be on this list, it states it was an accident…

  • Escobar00

    Back in the day when watching Cops growing up, I remember Caucasian’s would hit officers and they would never shoot or tase them.  If we even say a word, officers draw their guns on us.  SMMFH 

  • Escobar00

    This is why I am NOT in a hurry to bring kids into this world.  If I have sons they will not be safe in this word.