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Trayvon Martin To Be Honored With “Hoodies & Heels” Party? [COONERY]


Bad enough you got Geraldo Rivera talking out of his anus as if a hoodie has a trigger, then this comes across the transom. Some idiot promoters and DJ’s in Orlando thought it would be a great idea to honor the memory Trayvon Martin by throwing a “Hoodies & Heels” party. You can’t make this sort of outright asshattery up if you tried.

Martin was killed in cold blood, yet you somehow United Promoters of Orlando thinks it would be a good look to use Martin’s image to promote a party? It’s a smack to the face of sincere efforts to bring about justice for Martin’s murder. The flyer says “All profits will go to the Family of #TrayvonMartin.” One, you need more people. Two, there are better ways to honor the fallen teen and aide his family than hitting the club. Any and everyone involved in this exercise in coonery is a living fail. Spotted at Bossip.


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  • MeikaMonai

    how is it foolery? You sound like a complete idiot.  It clearly depicts that people wear hoodies for any occasion it doesnt matter what skin color you may be and you shouldnt be killed for it.

  • hoodie

    Its a good look, why you hating? What are you doing for the cause!?

    • What cause? Promoting Crime props?

  • currvalicious

    Did they get permission from the family to use his image/likeness to sell tickets? Have the promoters spoken to the family to make it clear all proceeds will be donated to them? A benefit that includes the family in attendance would be more appropriate.

  • Kali1499

    Obviously some of you don’t get it..get your mind right fools…hoodies and heals?! That’s beyond trifling. And if u say it’s hating to not agree with this fuckery you are exposing yourself as clueless

  • The family needs the profits from this criminal Hoodie prop so they can pay Sharpton and his Mobs. Sure is a shame no one wants to wait on facts as they would have if the dead MAN had been white, Red or Yellow! With Sharpton it’s always Mob Rule!

  • People should feel sorry for the young man killed and voice their concern after all the facts are out and even then Mobs are not needed! But where was all the up roar from Sharpton,
    N A A C P, the Department of Justice, the F B I, Big named Black Entertainers when three Black Guys and a Black woman in Tn. kidnaped, beat,  robbed,raped, urinated on the bodies and then set the bodies on fire? Where was the out cry then,where were the voices and appearence of all the above people, where was all the press, where was Obama’s condolences for the White family, Do you know why he said nothing or there was no out cry and not a peep out of Sharpton? I’ll tell you why because the dead couple were WHITE and the SICK CRIMINALS were BLACK! After all everyone knows only Whites commit crimes and only whites committ crimes against black people RIGHT! Sure hope the day comes when Black people will see Al Sharpton as the RACIST he is and admit and under stand that Racist can be ANY COLOR! Mobs are never needed, that is why we have courts and Juries!

    • Hydrabadchik

      For every one of the situations you named above – several situations where white people attacked/ killed blacks can be named. 

      And I can say the opposite of what you asked – where was the outcry from white politicians and communities when those crimes happned?

  • Gotcarlsberg

    Lets see how many people get gunned down at this…No big deal tho…just brothas shootin brothas

  • You gotta be kidding me