Roscoe’s Chicken and Waffles is reinforcing the “black people love chicken” stereotype by naming a menu item after President Obama. The restaurant chain, with several  locations in Southern California, recently renamed one of their menu items the “Obama Special,” in honor of the POTUS visiting the establishment last October. 

According to TMZ, Roscoe’s vowed to keep the item –originally named the, “Country Boy” special—the same, but clearly had a change of heart.  While other presidents, like Ronald Regan and Richard Nixon were said to be regulars at the chicken joint, they weren’t honored by having an entire meal named after them.  What with Mary J. Blige crooning about her love for fowl in a, now defunct Burger King commercial, and countless examples of black people endorsing their favorite bird, if the restaurant were a white establishment to outcry would have reached epic heights.

Roscoe’s likely named the item after the president as a show of respect—or some kind of support—but perhaps they could have gone about showing their adoration in a different manner.


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