10 Photos Of Celebs Looking Awkward Next To Jay-Z [PHOTOS]


Everyone is clearly cheering for Jay here, judging by the thrill on Jay’s face. And here comes John Mayer doing his best Johnny Depp impersonation, hand up like, “Thank you. Thank you. You’re far too kind.” That audience really was far too kind, because everyone could have easily shouted, “Not YOU, Don Juan DeMarco.”

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  • Lmao lmao lmao Selling magazine subscriptions tho? hahahahaha Philadelphia Freezer!! pfffffffffft haahahahaha wowwwww

  • BigHitter1

    Yall dicckriddin hard aintcha?

  • Bigsmoke1978

    Bey is not gonna like y’all all on Hov’s dicc.  You really need to get a life.  The Freeway ish was funny tho.  Looks like he was making a statement…too simple for yall to understand I guess.

  • 11nene