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8-Year-Old Who Came To School In Blackface Demands Apology From School [VIDEO]


The second-grader who made headlines for coming to school in blackface for a school assignment wants an apology. Sean King, a white student at Colorado’s Meridian Ranch Elementary, plastered dark makeup on his face to portray Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., after deeming his efforts offensive, the boy was asked to remove the face paint. Now the 8-year-old has decided that he was treated unfairly.

According to King, school officials were “mean” to both he and his family in wake of the incident.  “They were really negative to me,” he told local station KRDO. He also said he did not understand why other children were allowed to keep on their makeup, yet he was not. “They thought it was inappropriate and it will be disrespectful to black people and I say it’s not,” he added.  “I like black people. It’s just a costume and I don’t want to insult anybody.”

Judging by his ability to articulate his feelings at such a young age, one would imagine that his parents would have explained the inappropriateness of  blackface, but in an effort to rectify the matter, school officials are now considering implementing a course on racial sensitivity.



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  • lmaj

    I think he should receive an apology. This child was doing a presentation on Dr. King and was trying to dress the part ie the mustache, black suit, white shirt, black tie…they don’t need a course on racial sensitivity they need one on common sense

  • sweetesttaboo

    I believe the racial sensitivity class is a good thing. I really dont believe that the child meant any harm. His parents on the other hand need their behinds handed to them. Even if the child was not aware of what his actions meant, Mom and Dad are too old not to be aware of what “blackface” means. What they should have done—if they wanted to honor Dr. King—was to have the child express, in his own words, of how much he valued Dr. King’s legacy.

  • L0La718

    lets get it correct…the MOTHER wants an apology not the kid…kids get
    over things quite quickly and are simple with things..not complex like
    adults.. the mother put this in his head and now she’s embarrassed n
    feels real high on herself instead of thinking “wait this did offend
    someone and i should explain to my son the significance of black
    face”…yes its obvious the kid didnt really know about it and wanted to
    really look like MLK..thats great…but the mother made this a huge
    issue..all she had to do was apologize who she offended, make her son
    take it off, and proceed with the play..IT OFFENDED SOMEONE…no matter
    how right u think u are u can never make someone feel the way u feel..u
    are not in their shoes..this mother is a wack job…i feel sorry for
    this kid future becuz responsibility and accountability doesnt seem to
    be in his household.

  • SM

    Oh my goodness… “Wearing Blackface” does not mean putting on dark makeup to portray a black person.  It has to do with a specific type of makeup and costuming that was used by whites to play comedic baffoonish black characters.  If a kid comes to school in a suit and tie and dark makeup in order to portray a civil rights leader, it is NOT blackface.  I swear…the more we black people cry racism at the simplest things, the more we do a disservice to ourselves.  We keep looking like the boy who cried wolf.

    •  Um..yes it does! If thats not what it means then maybe YOU should explain it to ME. lol@”we black folks”

  • digital diva

    eff lil mini-racist and his mama.