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Beyoncé Shows Off Blue Ivy [PHOTO]


Blue Ivy Carter is no slouch. Amidst a busy schedule of napping, eating, and being carried around by her parents, the youngster has been too preoccupied with her daily life to make another public appearance—until now. The blanket veiling little Baby Blue was finally lifted as a photo of the growing toddler popped up online Wednesday (July 18).

Beyoncé was spotted, showing off her new Poetic Justice-inspired blonde braids, and carrying her six-month old daughter, who appears to be the perfect mixture of her parents. Not long after her birth, Bey and Jay pacified the public’s curiosity by releasing photos of their newborn online, rather than going the route of other celebrity parents and doing a full-on magazine spread.  While both parents have been snapped carrying Blue, her mom is  routinely seen walking through New York City carrying the baby, but that doesn’t mean that Papa Hov isn’t a hands-on father. “I thought I would be more inspired to have all these new feelings to talk about, but I really just want to hang out with my daughter,” he said in an interview.

With the summer in full effect, the Carter’s have been hitting the streets. The other night they attended a party celebrating the release of Nas’ Life Is Good album, held at New York City’s Moet Rose Lounge. Other guests in attendance included Busta Rhymes, Jermaine Dupri, and Swizz Beatz.

Click below to see Blue Ivy Carter.


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Photos: Glamour/Tumblr

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  • That pic is not good enough and the baby still looks the same size…..and the baby is never moving…. so you still lying maam…

    • Mimi

      Shut the f word up

    • kjlj;jl

      y do u care???

  • Its a reason you keeping that baby’s face covered up…. get on live tv with your baby like everyone else…. You are the only person in history I know that done hid their baby like this…Not even Michael did this such a thing…. Glad I dont have kids…..they would not be watching you on tv….YOU FAKE….

    • Annoyed

      Hate much? If you dislike her so much, why the hell did u click on the link to the article? That’s just pathetic! Check ur facts! Micheal hid the faces of his kids all the time when they were out in public for their protection. The first real look people had of Micheal’s kids was at his funeral! Given all the conspiracy theories surrounding Bey and Jay and haters like you, it’s a wise decision to not expose their child to the public too much. Gosh, so tired of attention seeking people who sit and trash others when they need to be checking their own lives, SMH

      • soheavenlee

        Actually Michael started letting his kids walk around without being covered long before his death. Personally I could care less if she has a baby or not and if its covered or uncovered, but I do know it appears that she needs to spend more time at home with the kid. She doesn’t know who to hold the baby. On 2 pics I have seen with this current outing she was holding the baby the way Michael held blanket. Active babies want to look around not be in a head lock with their heads covered.

      • beth

        To: annoyed, tell her!

    • YO MAMA

      u a dumbass person, clearing dont understand the life of a celeb. STOP HATING!!!!

  • Alison

    Cute baby, what I can see of it. I wish them, mother and daughter, well.

  • ur ignorant

    Ppl always gotta say something stupid. Its
    one out of the bunch.