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Gunplay Calls Swastika Tattoo A “Symbol Of Genocide” [PHOTOS]


Gunplay doesn’t come off as the kind of person who cares what anyone thinks of his lyrics, his “Human L.A. Riot” moniker, or his sometimes bizarre behavior— and the same rules apply for his tattoos. The Def Jam signee explained his decision to get a swastika inked on the back of his neck, but it doesn’t mean he supports the Nazis. “It’s just my symbol of genocide to the bullsh-t. Mass murdering the bullsh-t,” he said in an interview with Pigeons and Planes. “Too much bullsh-t out here. I came to Nazi that sh-t. I came to Hitler that motherf-cker. Put all the fake motherf-ckers in the gas chamber and gas your f-ck a–. That’s what I’m here to do. So n-ggas better walk light around a n-gga. I’ma show n-ggas. I can talk but I’ma show n-ggas. All that fake sh-t, I’ma call that sh-t out and I’ma stomp that sh-t out. I got a mission. Just playing the game for the meantime.”

The Maybach Music rapper also spoke on joining Def Jam. “Now I feel like the clock’s ticking, know what I’m saying? Got to hurry up and get these records done and make sure I present the best product possible,” he explained. “Once I feel comfortable with it then I’ll let it go. So I’m trying to knock out there records a day and out of those three, I’ll only pick one that I want to put on the album .The rest is gonna be for the next tapes and sh-t.”

We don’t know when his debut on the label will be released, but for now, MMG fans can look forward to Rick Ross’ God Forgives I Don’t due out July 31.

Also, comparing yourself to Hitler almost never goes over well.

Click below to see Gunplay’s ink, and a few other awkward rapper tattoos.


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  • gamehater

    good luck with that son! you just put the nail in the coffin for your career. and 50 caught hell for making fun of autism?! just wait for the apologies from this one. and don’t be surprised at a religious conversion later in the game…gunplay vs. shyne! RIP MCA

  • This guy gets knocked out cold on camera, sniffs coke on camera, and then gets an anti- Semeitic tattoo. Clown…

  • champhf

    these are sad time for music when people can openly sniff coke on camera and be considered normal. this man is a coke head and you all know it….!!! not only ar we being forced to accept gayness but weare also being steriotyped s cokeheaded fools. i cantsupportthis crack heads habit fuk this movement.

  • My_Mind_Speaks

    Our generation is lost…The next generation is most certainly d00med…

  • pops87

    For a profession already littered with ignoramuses, this guy managed to stand out of the crowd. bravo

  • Seriously???!!! Smh… some folks just don’t have a damn clue!!

  • thebasedone


  • Yeah Right

    He seems like quite the educated fellow…